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IM 70.3 Shanghai, China

When we landed in Shanghai just before 6pm, local time, we did not anticipate another hour and a half of driving to our destination on Chongming Island. Exhausted and hungry, we seemed to accept the news with relative ease on account of gratitude that all our luggage and bikes had arrived unscathed. Driving for as long as we did through the dark in unknown territory, it felt slightly unnerving when the driver started to slow as we approached the hotel. I got the impression this hotel was situated off the beaten path, and when we awoke the next morning to look out our window, my suspicion was confirmed. A look outside our window revealed an orchard down below, and a walk outside the front door revealed a large sanctuary for birds and two large fish ponds. I marveled at the blue sky above and the sunshine that reached me down below. Two of these features we did not experience in Xi'an, and how grateful I felt to witness them so soon into this second adventure.  While this