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Ironman 70.3 Xi'an

I have put off writing this report long enough. What actually bothers me so much to keep me from writing about this race, I do not know. It wasn't until I read  Michelle Vesterby's  Instagram post after her recent 4th place finish at Ironman Italy this past week that I finally decided to start compiling my thoughts for this report. She said, "...A s long as you’re enjoying the process there’s nothing called a ‘bad result’ or a waste of time... and sharing the journey with others makes it 💯 % more enjoyable." My first time in China, I only had the experiences and accounts of others to prepare me for what I witnessed. Getting through airport security likely contributed the most to my anxiety. Upon landing, the air quality came in second. Bryan and I arrived in Xi'an just after midnight on Thursday morning. We waited so long for our checked baggage to arrive that we probably could have eaten an entire meal while we waited. Neither of us really expected any less

Healthy Granola

There's a lot of eating going on around here lately. If you know me well, then your eyes are probably bulging from your sockets knowing how much I already eat on the daily. I eat a lot. In fact, I quickly grew accustom to comments from friends, coworkers, and family that sounded something like, "You're going to eat ALL  (drawn out, of course) of that?!" "You're eating again?!" " Didn't you just eat an hour ago?!" Yes. Yes. And, why, yes. Bryan had been requesting some more granola, something I had made regularly a couple years ago but stopped because oatmeal satisfied my breakfast needs and snacking habits. Then, a friend and coaching client gave me a recipe her grandmother used and asked for a healthier version. I suppose my definition of healthy may vary from that of others, but if it includes whole ingredients, healthy fats, and unprocessed sugars, it passes my test. Here, you'll find I used butter (yes, REAL butter) ins