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Another local goodie: Priest Lake Olympic Triathlon

I let four years go by without coming back up to Priest Lake to race one of my local favorites. The Race Director, Ken Eldore, reminded all of us just prior to race start of the horrendous air conditions of the past couple years due to wildfires and smoke. To survive the variability speaks highly of a race that celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year, and it seemed Mother Nature did her best to celebrate the accomplishment, too.  Mild temperatures, slightly overcast skies, and calm waters greeted me race morning. Bryan and I opted to ride our bikes the short 3 miles from our accommodations just off Highway 57 to the race venue so we could avoid the parking headache that trying to maneuver a big truck along a narrow road can sometimes create. It served as a great warm up before we racked our bikes in transition and made our way down to the water's edge.  The nostalgia of this race site gets me every time, as memories of walking the same path as a kid with my parents an

Back to racing a local goodie: CDA Triathlon

Never pass up the formal invitation to experience pain. Ever since I ran across the finish line in Santa Rosa, I looked forward to getting back to Coeur d'Alene for the Scenic (Olympic) Challenge Triathlon. Under new ownership and direction this year, the race boasted a few new perks I did not want to miss out experiencing. Rob Liddicoat and his crew (I cannot possibly forget Katy Beck) went above the expectations of many and surprised us with quality race shirts, beautiful medals, fantastic post race food by Cosmic Cowboy, thirst quenching beer, and to top it all off, a ferry ride out to the swim start positioned 1500 meters off shore. I had no excuse to swim off course when the buoy line directed me straight for the arch on the beach to indicate the swim exit. As the only professional woman racing, I was granted the opportunity to start with the first wave of gentlemen, and I accepted the invitation. It turns out the last time I did this race in 2012, I had purchased my first b

Rookie Move #2: IM 70.3 Santa Rosa

Photo courtesy of Higgybaby Photography My ass has sufficiently healed, so I thought it prime time to divulge a few thoughts from IM 70.3 Santa Rosa nearly 2 weeks ago. No, the use of my fingers really does not depend on the status of my saddle sores, but they do type what my brain chooses to think, so here we go. I may have taped down every possible part of my bike I thought might fly off on account of rough roads. I even considered using double-sided tape on my saddle to keep me from getting bumped off my seat. (True story. The effective "stick" of Gorilla brand tape made it quite nearly impossible to pull myself off the seat, however, so I opted against its use on race day.) Though I did not lose any physical components of my bike or myself out there on Santa Rosa's heinous roads, I definitely lost a bit of my sanity. That was crap, Ironman/WTC/Wanda Sports. Complete. Crap. To make excuses, though, would be an insult to the stellar ladies who rode ahead of me,