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Free coaching giveaway!

Ironman Canada 2018 As we sit in the middle of July, I think about how the first part of this year has played out and wonder how the remainder of my season will unfold. I figured there must exist others in a similar position as mine, and I wanted to extend the opportunity for a free 4 month trial of coaching to anyone interested in applying. You will have the opportunity to see how I can help guide you through the process of preparing for a race, tackling a weakness, or improving an aspect of training you have perhaps otherwise struggled to conquer on your own. Answer 5 questions and submit before the August 1st deadline. I will select 2 applicants for a 4-month period of free coaching using Training Peaks as a platform for communication. Weekly input will be provided, and further communication will be maintained through email, text, and phone calls. Another perk exists! For every person you refer to me, I will include an additional month of coaching at no cost to you. Finally,

Pro debut: CDA 70.3

I knew this year of racing would be rather underwhelming, probably frustrating, definitely humbling. Yet my optimism for growth in the sport propelled me to toe the line at CDA 70.3 anyway, even when I knew my body did not quite prove physically ready to perform at its best. I have spent the last two months trying to incorporate the run technique Jay Dicharry taught me back in Bend at the end of April. My body has seemed to pick up on the different run form, and my knee seems to respond well, for the most part. Yet continued pain persists, and an overarching lack of power and run fitness has left me falling well short of my typical race paces and capacity for sustaining said speed over longer bike rides and runs. My head has not found great confidence in mediocre training days. While I have remained consistent in the pool, enjoying the sunny days at Witter Aquatic Center with my coach, Derek, and other training friends, Sunday morning's race start exposed a serious shortcoming