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Evolve or die

   Perhaps you all entertain yourselves with podcasts, and if you happened to read my last blog post, you will have learned I am no different. I have a handful of staples that keep me intrigued, motivated, disciplined, and informed. Matt Dixon and his Purple Patch Podcast has helped spur me out of my preseason slump, which I alluded to in my last post. A common theme and mantra he uses throughout his episodes keeps smacking me in the face: Evolve or die. I realized my last blog post completely exemplified how well I had started to die. In fact, with the loving help of my husband, I came to realize no one cares what ails me. Tough love often inspires an entirely new, sometimes cruel, world of reality. Even though Bryan married into the opportunity to hear all my complaints, (and maybe my coach even cares a little bit because I pay him to) I now regret exposing you to the trials of Meghan, the rookie. So I dedicate the content of this post to sharing my adventures through my tria