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The boring, the mundane, the fury

Driving home from the gym this morning after a mediocre swim, I felt angry. Actually, anger pervaded me regardless of what I thought, no matter how hard I tried to use positive thinking and self talk. As I write this, I still sense frustration building up within me. So I wonder about the status of my mentation. I wonder if I really am the nutcase I think others perceive me to be. Actually, the nutcase I think I am. For the past two months, I have worked hard to accept the status of my body: weathered, injured, broken down, tired. I shake my head when I think about the decision I made to jump into the arena of elite triathlon because, quite frankly, I feel low. Super low. I hardly emulate the status of an elite. In fact, I feel I did a better job painting that picture as an amateur. I walked out of the gym this morning feeling thirty years older than my thirty year old self. My low back hurts, I cannot even sit on my ass without wincing, and my ego has taken a major hit. It seems no a

Patriots vs Rams ... nah, what else?

A small slice of Heaven at Silver Star mountain resort, BC. The first of the year came and went over a month ago, and I am already bracing myself for the tumultuous noise that will break through relative quiet when the Super Bowl festivities commence. Maci and I rest together on the floor in search of quiet, away from the television. Thankfully, at least this room is relatively habitable, as Bryan and I have worked to update a house in dire need of repair. New carpet, new paint, new doors. Also, raging opinions, rising tempers, and waning patience. As a result, I have made it a new goal to keep the pantry (or closet, or bedroom depending on which part of the house is currently being fixed up) full of wine. We both have a new-found appreciation for the Vino app, which scans the label and better helps us decide the quality of whatever cheap wine I find at the grocery store. So far, our random choices have passed the "3.5 rating or higher" test more often than not, and my st