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Sunshine instead of snow: IM IWLQ 70.3

My spiral down from Kona Ironman WC felt like one in which I had no control. A month of relative rest and recovery did not tempt my niggles to heal. As I write this, I am not sure what makes me think a month off from training will do it, then. Regardless, I battled my head and ultimately rose to the top of the psychological nutcase leaderboard. Each week after Kona felt like one less week I had to rebound and get at least some form of running into my schedule. My body just did not want to. Enter in my new-found use of the stairstepper. For a couple weeks, I watched my heart rate reach levels it would have had I instead found myself outside on the Centennial trail, running easy with my girls. I oscillated between its use and that of the treadmill, keeping the incline no less than 4% grade. I suppose it helped confirm my body still knew how to put each foot forward at a faster than walking pace. I later found out it hardly served as the best preparation for the undulating course IM IWL