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Ironman World Championships: My gut-busting demise

Upon returning home from Whistler, British Columbia, I wasted no time creating opportunity to prepare for my next race, the Ironman world championships. You don't spend one thousand dollars on a race and not give yourself the benefit of trying to succeed. Ultimately, I have grown more in the past two months of preparation, and finally, my appearance and completion of what now stands as the hardest race I have ever finished has left me with a new appreciation for what real character building looks like. No, I did not physically "grow a pair," even though airport security scanners still sense something suspicious in my groin that results in a courtesy pat down before I can leave TSA. Metaphorically speaking, however, I did. In the following months of August and September, I have never substituted my tank tops, short sleeved shirts, and shorts for long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. I have never intentionally driven in my car without air conditioning. I h