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Another step, another milestone: Ironman Canada 2018

The Zebrasuit, by EpixGear A distinct memory from Sunday's race stands out among all others that linger in my head. I'd just returned from Green Lake, finishing the first loop of the run. I hurt. I staggered. I really had to pee. Having to follow the arrow on the path that diverted me away from the finish line really messed with my head. What awaited me in the fourteenth mile involved one significant paved climb, followed by multiple steep paper cuts of climbs on the gravel path to the turn around at Lost Lake. My motivation to continue waned like the sphincter control holding back a gusher of overly concentrated urine. I dribbled, and I finally gave in when I spotted a porta potty at the aid station. My lead cyclist who followed me over the entire duration of my run looked relieved as well, taking the opportunity to get some ice water from the exuberant kids otherwise distracted by the excitement of handing water to such poor, overheated adults. Sitting on the John, I lost