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Ironman Muncie 70.3

Let me preface this report by first clearly stating that this year's race panned out quite differently than what is normally characteristic of Muncie's atmosphere, mostly as far as weather is concerned. This area has received a considerably abnormal amount of rain this year, and combined with cooler temperatures, race morning presented itself with lower than normal heat and humidity. As a result, what is normally a non-wetsuit swim turned into just that when water temperatures that threatened to breach the cutoff last week, dipped down to 72 degrees by Saturday morning. I don't know what other triathletes were doing Friday night, but perhaps you can envision the dancing and hollering that ensued when Bryan and I found this to be the case. Then, imagine the looks of confusion this prompted on the faces of Bryan's non-triathlon familiarized family, and this pretty much summarizes our pre- and post-race experience staying with Bryan's cousin, Gerri Garrett, and intermi