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17 lessons learned from 2014

As I hunkered down into my sloppy run today, a thought crossed my mind. With all the traveling Bryan and I did for races this past year, a handful of memories flicker across my mind. I hope these lessons learned in 2014 will serve as valuable reminders as we make our way through 2015: 1. Never take for granted the value of your race support. From near or afar, appreciate the Facebook notes of encouragement, or the phone calls and text messages that flood your inbox. I remember returning back to the hotel room after a race and feeling awash with gratitude when I read text messages from friends and family. On the same note, don't forget to reciprocate and offer the same support to your friends. 2. Thank your sherpa. It's not until you race and travel without him/her/them that you understand how valuable he/she/they are in your race day. Don't be afraid to specify your needs in advance of the race when his/her/their support is offered. 3. If you AND your travel companion