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Epic Leadman 125, Bend, Oregon

Leadman offered one of those adventures I would have expected only to find north of the border. Yet Bryan and I had just arrived back from the eastern side of the country, and we most definitely found ourselves south of Spokane. Here, Bend, Oregon enticed us. Our morning started out cold, about sixty five miles southwest of Bend at Cultus Lake. A mountain lake, that sense of relief that often occurs when stepping into a body of water when the air is colder didn't happen this time. Nope. I stepped in hoping it would feel warmer given the outside temperatures hovered in the low 40s. The water felt just as cold. However, I couldn't ignore the clarity of the water, the way I could look down at my toes even when I'd waded well out into the lake to the starting buoys. Mountains surrounding the lake mirrored the ones I'd seen in British Columbia, Canada. Tall. Rugged. Snow-capped. Before our departure to the starting buoys, LifeTime Fitness had done a stellar job of serv

Another Canadian adventure: Mont Tremblant Worlds 70.3

Mont Tremblant offered everything Las Vegas didn't. I raced the World Championships there two times before it moved to Canada, and not in the last two years I raced there did I feel like the race was built up for what it truly was: a World Championship. It didn't take long for Mont Tremblant to overwhelm me. Not only did the venue itself seem impressive, but I could feel the way the entire village embraced the race. It wasn't with anything less than pride. Mont Tremblant did everything to give to the athletes that earned their slot an experience they'll surely never forget. As I stood awaiting the start of the race on a relatively cool Sunday morning, the fog started to burn off over the water. Bryan and I swam on Friday, and the mild water conditions left me feeling refreshed and excited to once again experience a fast, comfortable swim. This race morning looked to present much of the same water conditions I'd enjoyed in Whistler just about 7 weeks prior.