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Fitness Testing with Matt Silvers

It takes a lot of gumption to wake up to a day designated to test my level of fitness. Last Saturday, I rolled out of bed and wondered how my other TriFusion teammates were preparing for their time to suffe--I mean, "shine." In reality, the day served as a way to establish a baseline of our fitness, and the stakes really weren’t all that high. Well, unless you count the bet Bryan placed on my current percent body fat calculation. (He’s a lucky man that this lady can tolerate jokes about her weight being thrown around so candidly.) Bryan and I started out the day of fitness testing in Matt Silver’s exercise physiology lab. We walked in the lab around 8:30, greeted by Matt and one of his students he must of bribed to spend the day with us. He also called himself Matt. After introductions and one last trip to the bathroom, Bryan and I stood on the platform designed to use biological impedance to assess our body compositions. Unfortunately—but not unexpectedly—I