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Chapter 5 - Where did January go?

Have you ever sat down to read a good book, only to realize that 3 hours later, you’ve already devoured 5 chapters worth of introduction, plot development, and imagery? How is that I’ve managed to lose myself so quickly in 2014, finding 5 chapters gone in this book of the coming year? I swear I just finished reading everyone’s New Year’s blog posts on resolutions and goals, feeling inspired by what others might do so that I can better shape and plan my own endeavors. Has the month of January—the month of endless Starbucks drinks and cloudy days—really come to an end? I suppose it’s too late to post my New Year’s hopes and dreams for 2014. I suppose you might think the time for dreaming, scheming, and planning has already passed us by. However, I feel I’m just getting started! Two days ago I cut the chains that have confined me to my books and forced me to study. I sat for that exam on Wednesday and answered question after question on a test designed to determine if I am a


I understand this blog's primary purpose is to convey my training and race endeavors, but you'll have to forgive me as I use it, this time, as a means to give closure and tribute to a friend who left me yesterday. My pets are my family, so I hope you'll understand... --- Yesterday was a mashed potatoes—my comfort food—kind of day. For the past two weeks, my parents and I have watched my 18-year old barn kitty deteriorate and finally succumb to a cancer we’d thought we’d had completely removed seven years ago. Starbuck, a stray we’d taken in when our neighbors said she absolutely abhorred the life of living indoors, thrived on our 13-acre hobby farm. From the day she set foot on the Faulkenberry homestead, up until the last week of her life, she hunted mice, gophers, and squirrels like a true competitor. For this reason, for her drive and absolute devotion to what she did, I was proud to call her my cat. The four other strays that followed her and ca