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A blog post in disguise

The thought that I needed to get another blog post rolling has nagged me for the greater part of 2 weeks. I've been trying to consider what all to write about, what might interest some of you, what might spark the most creativity from my point of view. Some of the topics that have had potential, but obviously not made it to the post, were: 1) My unremitting left knee pain that has somehow manifested as disabling right hip joint inflammation. Essentially, I'm not running. I haven't ran consistently for the past 4 weeks. My arms are squealing from the extra time in the pool, and my ass is screaming about too much time in the saddle, too little anti-chafing cream for the skin. Seriously, though, who wants to read about someone else's injur(ies) when, in all likelihood, you have your very own you could write your own blog post about? 2) I managed to get outside for my first bike ride last Saturday in blazing sunshine, warm(er) temperatures, and good company (thanks to B