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Bike fit analysis: With Gale Anderson and Liz Gilbert

Last Saturday, Gale Anderson and Liz Gilbert, physical therapists from Therapeutic Associates, Mt. Spokane Physical Therapy, spent a part of their Saturday with me to analyze my position and body mechanics on my bike. For the last couple of months, I have been working through rehabilitation for unremitting knee pain, and I wanted to rule out any kind of alignment on the bike that may be causing or exacerbating the discomfort I feel in my knee. Upon arriving, Liz helped me set up my bike on the trainer, and I proceeded to warm up until Gale arrived. Once he pulled out his measuring tool—a device physical therapists like to call a goniometer—he took measurements from the side: shoulder-to-trunk and knee-to-hip angles, among others. Liz set up a laser beam in front of me that spanned the distance from the middle of my cleat to my knee so they could videotape the amount of deviation from that beam through each pedal stroke. When the video was delayed and replayed,