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A bittersweet finish: Tri Cities Marathon

Three years ago this past weekend I escaped Moscow, ID and the rigors of a 20+ credit workload filled with microbiology, anatomy/physiology, and organic chemistry to test my body against 26.2 miles of the Tri Cities Marathon. My parents met me in Colfax and drove me the rest of the way down south so mom could take pictures and dad could guide me the last 13 miles to the finish line. Circumstances were a little bit different this time around. Though I’d qualified the last time I ran Tri Cities, I didn’t pursue a Boston Marathon appearance in 2010. All I remember on the long car ride back to Moscow was thinking how terrible my body felt and realizing I’d never do this again. The injuries I sustained during the marathon never quite healed until I found myself well into 2010, further encouraging me to stick with half marathons for the remainder of my running career. Yet three years later, I found myself, once again, in the same crowd of runners, awaiting the beautiful c

Laced up in Satisfaction

You can go through an entire year of triathlons and feel overwhelmed by a sense of accomplishment. I embrace the notion that I can swim across a lake, lock my feet in the pedals and churn my way to transition into a run that finally leads me to the finish line. Three sports. Three reasons to race. Three times the feeling of satisfaction. Yet my triathlon season ended back in early September, and I realized satisfaction had not yet swept me off my feet…literally. I still found myself lacing up my running shoes, the couch my butt was supposed to occupy hardly indented by my weight. The television lay quiet. The Runner’s World magazines stacked unopened after months of falling behind in my reading. My new pair of Brooks Adrenaline from Runners Soul ready to head out the door. I looked down and realized they did not represent an impulse buy. They served a purpose: my reason to keep running. The week after Las Vegas World Championships, I realized I had one last goa

The Spokane half (22 mile) marathon

I found myself standing among a crowd full of faces I’ve come to recognize. Not until you embrace the sport of running and triathlon do you fully appreciate the active community of Spokane. Six years ago, the Spokane half marathon served as my first attempt to see if I could earn the title of “runner.” I remember training for my first half as a way to balance out the stress of college. My first 15-miler had my mom incredibly concerned because it required I start early in the dark of morning and run on farm roads driven by silly old farmers who thought they owned the roads. She had reason to feel concerned; I had reason to run. That year, I ran my first half marathon—the Spokane half—in a time of 1:44:07. It rained. I shivered. Yet I can still remember the fall color of the trees as I ran through Brown’s Addition, and perhaps that’s what’s drawn me back to the start line every year since then. This year, training for a marathon to round out a full year of racing triath

A Recap (from the Race Director) of the Wild Moose Chase

Race Results from ATL Timing can be found here, at Photo courtesy of Jeff Ferguson On the last Saturday of September, Mother Nature graced Spokane with clear, blue skies, sunshine, and mild temperatures that hovered in the low 70s. Hopefully, the people of Spokane wandered out of their houses, escaped the movie theaters and instead, spent time outside soaking up the sunshine. A handful of people did just that, though perhaps one might claim they accomplished much more. That’s because on this day, the last Saturday of September, over 250 people ran through Mt. Spokane State Park in search of the Wild Moose. While Steve Christensen (the head honcho they call the Park Manager of Mt. Spokane State Park) would normally not advise visitors chase wild animals, he allowed Eastern Washington University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program to host an event whose name suggested people do just that.  Spokane area runners, a

Priest Lake Half Marathon

There exist only a handful of races that grant you a challenging course, scenery to enjoy, a barbecue for post-race empty bellies, and a refreshing lake to jump in after a run well done. Ken Eldore and his phenomenal team of volunteers have provided all of this through one of several events I had the opportunity to attend this year. Last year I raced the Triathlon held the last weekend of August, and this year I ran the half marathon put on the second to last weekend of September. What an experience!  The race begins right at Hills Resort, a cute little place with a great view out to Priest lake. I remember making this our destination as a kid when we spent the better part of a weekend camping just about a mile west at Luby Bay campground. We'd walk along the trail that borders the shoreline, picking huckleberries as we went. Once at Hills, we'd saunter into the small gift shop for an ice cream cone.  On this day, however, dad and I had a few miles to cover. Because I&