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100 miles of Sunshine and Scenery: The Lilac Century

Thank you to GU for giving me the energy--sans the stomach ache--to finish this ride strong, and with a good time! The night before my first official, legitimate century, I set out my nutrition on the counter and almost felt a stomach ache just looking at it. Two thousand, three hundred calories translated to 10 GU gels, 3 packets of GU Brew, 6 servings of GU Chomps, 3 clif bars, Energy-Ease capsules, and Enduralytes. Seven GU gels, 3 packets of GU Brew, 2 clif bars, 8 Enduralytes, 2 Energy-Ease and 4 Recovery-Ease capsules later, I now feel like I may be able to call myself one of those crazy triathletes people describe. For some reason, I thought a 100-mile bike ride followed by a 30-minute transition run seemed like a good idea just 8 days after a bike crash that left me without a concussion, but possible spine injuries I have yet to uncover. I'm told now that the spinal manipulations we practiced in class just 3 days after my accident might not have been a great idea, a

Snake River Triathlon

Odds were this wasn’t going to be the best performance of my season. In fact, I went into Oz Fitness Friday afternoon just hoping I could breathe through my nose long enough to swim 500 yards. I dealt with a cold that left me pretty immobile through much of the first part of the week. Despite being able to get back outside running and swimming by Tuesday, my body just wasn’t up to par. And then Thursday rolled around, and it had to be. Erica Zeimer and I vying for position at the start. That’s because Robin DeRuwe from Fitness Fanatics left a much anticipated text message that told me the one thing I’d been waiting to hear for about a week: My new bike had arrived. Not only was it sitting there in the shop, it was ready to go home. The Quintana Roo Seduza was ready to ride, and my mind—whether my body was ready or not—was eager to take off on top of faster wheels. They say you shouldn’t try anything different on race day. Having surprised myself with my fastest ever 500y