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Still looking...

Thiry job applications, one interview, and perhaps one opportunity later, I'm still waiting to find the job that will make me enough money for graduate school. Having a little extra on the side might be useful, too, considering I will probably like to enter a few races and treat my new puppy to some new toys...and food. Right now, I'm enjoying time at home with family, the freedom to go to the gym for spin classes, and the motivation to get my butt out of bed to hit the roads for a 5:30am run. Reading books other than the kind I highlight and take notes from has also served as much appreciated entertainment. Currently, I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife , which is an excellent story if you have not yet read it. I'm also educating myself every day about the secrets to properly raising a puppy. My new vizsla pup is about 17 days old, and I am currently awaiting some new pictures from the breeder. I have so many plans for this little girl that I want to raise her to